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Author: Dr. McCoy Moretz

buccal fat removal services by Dr. McCoy Moretz

Buccal Fat Removal in Beverly Hills

Chubby cheeks, when found on a baby or a person of the right disposition, can be cute and even quite endearing. For others, it can literally and uncomfortably feel like you have a baby face. Whether or not it’s actually true, it can even impact...

fillers and transfers services by Dr. McCoy Moretz

Beverly Hills Fillers & Fat Transfers

The results from facial rejuvenation procedures involving fillers and fat transfers are often immediate, leading to their incredible popularity. The demand for facial fillers and fat transfers in Beverly Hills is strong, with practices competing for the attention and trust of their clientele. As a...

Mac McCoy Moretz

Not All Lifts Are Created Equal

Mini lifts are a great way to make a substantial change in your confidence with the convenience of an in-office visit. While mini lifts can effectively approach a lift less invasively, a lift doesn’t have to be a mini lift to be performed in-office. Dr....

Mini facelift services by Dr. McCoy Moretz

In-Office Face & Neck Lifts

Life feels different after experiencing 5+ months of social distancing and daily quarantining. It is so much more complicated just planning a simple shopping trip, much less a visit with friends and loved ones. It’s no wonder why the value of our own time is...

Celebrity Doctor on Rodeo Dr.

Practice Policy Regarding COVID-19

F.A.C.E. of Beverly Hills, the Office of McCoy Moretz MD, is "Completely Open" to seeing patients for all Surgical Procedures and In-Office Procedures. Together, we are facing a truly unprecedented situation. The global coronavirus pandemic is affecting all of our families, our community, and our way...

Beauty Beneath the Mask

Beauty Beneath the Mask

Social distancing is something most of us have come to accept in order to provide for our own safety as well as that of others during these unique times. While many of us have found ways to adjust our routines as we deal with an...

Lip suspension services by Dr. McCoy Moretz

The Beverly Hills Restylane Kysse

Hyaluronic acid is popular in facial plastic and cosmetic surgery for many unique applications. While it is commonly used as an injectable filler, it may even be used to perform a nonsurgical rhinoplasty. Due to its strong effectiveness, and applicability in minimally invasive, nonsurgical cosmetic...

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