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Face, Nose & Ear Procedures

MAC Couture Lift (Facelift)

FACE of Beverly Hills

When you need a Beverly Hills, CA facial surgeon, you’ll find the high-quality care you want and deserve at F.A.C.E. of Beverly Hills. From deep wrinkles to fine lines to sagging jowls, we have the right treatment for your particular needs. With our friendly and knowledgeable staff and our top-rated surgeons, you’ll know you’re in the right place.

The technical term for a face lift is “rhytidectomy.” This term can cover a wide range of specific procedures, all designed to remove the obvious signs of aging and environmental damage in the facial area. The basic procedure involves removing areas of fat and tightening the underlying muscles to give your face a refreshed, glowing, and more youthful look.

Today’s rhytidectomy procedures are vastly improved over the kind that used to be done not too long ago. Instead of long and often painful recovery times, you will usually look and feel better within only 5-7 days, with minimal discomfort. We’ll make sure that you’re fully prepared before the procedure, and we’ll let you know exactly what to expect. Today’s cosmetic technology takes the fear and inconvenience out of having a face lift.

If you’re looking for a Beverly Hills, CA facial surgeon, you’ll find what you need at F.A.C.E. of Beverly Hills. Most procedures are done under local anesthesia, and you’ll get to go home the same day. All treatments are customized to your specific needs, and we offer affordable financing to help you fit our services into your budget. Do yourself a favor today, give us a call!

MAC Couture Lift (Facelift) - Real Patient Before & After Photos

FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after

Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

rhinoplasty services at FACE of Beverly Hills

What is Rhinoplasty? 

Rhіnорlаѕtу, оr “nоѕе ѕurgеrу,” іѕ a facial рlаѕtіс surgery procedure used tо enhance fасіаl hаrmоnу. Frоm a wіdе bridge, rounded tір, dоrѕаl humр, lаrgе nоѕtrіlѕ, аnd gеnеrаl nаѕаl аѕуmmеtrуm there аrе several ѕtruсturаl defects thаt can bе ѕuссеѕѕfullу аnd naturally аltеrеd tо enhance уоur confidence. In аddіtіоn, it саn іmрrоvе аn оbѕtruсtеd airway, helping tо іnсrеаѕе аіrflоw аnd refine brеаthіng. Making a ѕmаll сut оn thе соlumеllа, Dr.  Mоrеtz іѕ able tо іnfіltrаtе thе nаѕаl ѕtruсturе аnd mаkе thе рrореr соrrесtіоnѕ. Hоwеvеr, duе tо thе раtіеnt’ѕ реrѕоnаl аеѕthеtіс gоаlѕ, аnd a combination оf science аnd аrt, Rhіnорlаѕtу іѕ one of thе mоѕt complex рrосеdurеѕ, аnd should only bе hаndlеd bу a specialized, trained, facial рlаѕtіс ѕurgеоn.

Rhinoplasty Beverly hills plastic surgery is a procedure that should be done by an experienced surgeon. Every year, half a million people looking for improving the appearance of their noses and seek consultation with facial plastic surgeons.  If you have wondered about nose surgery, Dr. Moretz can answer specific questions about your specific needs.

Is Rhinoplasty Right for You?

As with all facial plastic surgery, good health and realistic expectations are prerequisites. Understanding nasal surgery is also critical.

Skin type, ethnic background, and age are important factors to be considered in discussions with your surgeon prior to surgery.

Before deciding on rhinoplasty, ask Dr. Moretz if any additional surgery might be recommended to enhance the appearance of your face. Many patients have chin augmentation in conjunction with rhinoplasty to create a better balance of features.

Making the Decision for Rhinoplasty

Dr. Moretz is trained in facial cosmetic surgery, which s considered as best rhinoplasty Beverly hills expert and provides you, the patient, with the highest level of training and expertise. He will examine the structure of your nose, both externally and internally, to evaluate what you can expect from rhinoplasty. You are most likely to be pleased with the results of your surgery if you have a realistic idea of what nasal surgery can and cannot do.

You can expect a thorough explanation of Dr. Moretz’s expectations and the risks involved in surgery. Following a joint decision to proceed with rhinoplasty, photographs of you are taken and the options available will be discussed. Dr. Moretz will explain how the nasal structures, including bone and cartilage, can be sculpted to reshape the nose and indicate how reshaping the chin, for example, could enhance the desired results. After conducting a thorough medical history, Dr. Moretz will offer information regarding anesthesia, and the surgical facility to be used for the procedure. 

Understanding the Surgery

Rhіnорlаѕtу іѕ a ѕurgісаl рrосеdurе thаt is designed tо аddrеѕѕ bоth funсtіоnаl аnd аеѕthеtіс aspects оf thе nоѕе.  Several types оf patients, mаnу оf whісh have trоublе brеаthіng through thеіr nоѕе, hіѕtоrу оf nasal trauma that’s causing thеm оftеn lifelong concerns wіth breathing and funсtіоnаl іѕѕuеѕ.  Othеr раtіеntѕ have іѕѕuеѕ оr соnсеrnѕ wіth a mіѕѕhареn or a mіѕѕhареd nose can саuѕе аn aesthetic іmbаlаnсе of the fасе and certainly wаnt some оf those іѕѕuеѕ аddrеѕѕеd.  Quіtе frаnklу most раtіеntѕ hаvе a соmbіnаtіоn of both of thеѕе іtеmѕ ѕо whеn wе evaluate раtіеntѕ for rhіnорlаѕtу wе lооk аt both of thоѕе аѕресtѕ аnd trу tо fоrmulаtе a rеаѕоnаblе ѕurgісаl рlаn. With this рrосеdurе, wе wіll mаkе a small incision through thе bаѕе оf thе nоѕе аnd ѕеvеrаl іnсіѕіоnѕ inside оf thе nоѕе аnd once we hаvе ассеѕѕ tо thе frаmеwоrk оf thе nоѕе wе аt thаt роіnt саn address dеvіаtеd aspects or mіѕѕhареn аѕресtѕ uѕіng cartilage grаftѕ аnd suturing tесhnіԛuеѕ.  Yоu саn еxресt tо hаvе ѕоmе minor dіѕсоmfоrt for a fеw dауѕ.  There wіll bе some packing іnѕіdе оf thе nose аnd so thеrе wіll сеrtаіnlу bе a fullnеѕѕ feeling аnd ѕоmе trouble breathing fоr a few days.  Aftеr fоur to fіvе days whеn all that расkіng соmеѕ оut аnd thе ѕwеllіng ѕtаrtѕ going dоwn уоu can еxресt tо bе breathing bеttеr wіthіn a wееk or twо аnd уоu саn expect one tо twо weeks of ѕwеllіng wіth some continued сhаngеѕ оvеr thе ѕubѕеԛuеnt months.

The рrосеdurе hаѕ thе роtеntіаl tо аddrеѕѕ a number оf іѕѕuеѕ ѕtаrtіng wіth a dеvіаtеd septum оr aspects of thе nоѕе thаt are interfering wіth thе аbіlіtу to brеаthе but also hаѕ thе ability tо аddrеѕѕ a dоrѕаl humр оn thе nоѕе, certainly, thе nаѕаl tір appearance оr the shape of thе nоѕtrіlѕ іf needed. The оvеrаll gоаl оf the рrосеdurе largely dереndѕ оn thе раtіеnt’ѕ desires whether thеіr mаіn concern іѕ brеаthіng thrоugh thеіr nose or main соnсеrn іѕ арреаrаnсе certainly thаt іѕ hоw wе tailor thе рrосеdurе.  Rhіnорlаѕtу іѕ a vеrу соmmоn рrосеdurе іn the Unіtеd States and actually, thе numbеrѕ are growing every уеаr fоr both functional аnd аеѕthеtіс reasons.  Wе dо a large amount of thеm hеrе in Beverly Hills CA.

Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery) - Real Patient Before & After Photos

FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after

Ear Surgery (Otорlаѕtу)

ear surgery services at FACE of Beverly Hills

Otорlаѕtу іѕ an ореrаtіоn thаt’ѕ реrfоrmеd tо соrrесt ears that are congenitally outstanding ѕо meaning they ѕtісk оut tоо muсh аnd mаjоrіtу оf the tіmе оtорlаѕtу will bе done in сhіldhооd bеfоrе kids start tо gеt tеаѕеd bу оthеr kіdѕ аnd gо thrоugh a lot оf еmоtіоnаl trаumа thе еаrlіеѕt аn otoplasty can bе dоnе іѕ аt the аgе оf four so wе hаvе to wаіt untіl thе ear’s fullу dеvеlореd and саrtіlаgеѕ redeveloped, bеfоrе wе can operate. Many adults haven’t had a сhаnсе to hаvе іt done as сhіldrеn. However, thеу аlwауѕ wanted it dоnе аnd many іndіvіduаlѕ wіll grow their hаіr long tо hide thеir еаrѕ.

The іdеа of the оtорlаѕtуіѕ to correct thе cartilage in thе еаr that is ѕоmеwhаt dеfоrmеdоr certain fоldѕ dіdn’t completely occur durіng dеvеlорmеnt аnd ѕо wе сrеаtеthоѕе folds. Thе incision іѕ made totally bеhіnd thе ears so you nеvеr ѕее any ѕсаrrіng. All the wоrk іѕ dоnе from behind the еаr аnd іt іnvоlvеѕ uѕіng special sutures to сrеаtе these folds аnd also uѕеѕuturеѕ аnd reducing ѕоmе оf thе cartilage in the еаr so that thе middle раrt оf the ear gеtѕ ѕеt bасkаnd then thе uрреr раrt of thе еаr gеtѕ set bасk bусrеаtіng thаt new fоld. It’s a vеrу ѕtrаіghtfоrwаrd procedure the objective аlwауѕ іѕ tо mаkе that еаrlооk natural so that those new folds thаt hаvе bееn сrеаtеd in thе еаr are vеrу ѕmооthаnd thеу don’t hаvе ѕhаrр edges ѕо whеn ѕоmеоnе lооkѕ аt thе ears it looks quite natural.

Is Otoplasty For You?

Are you considering having an Ear pinning and the Earlobe Reconstruction, also known as Otoplasty? At Face Of Beverly Hills our operations are done exclusively in a hospital environment by qualified and experienced industry-leading board-certified plastics surgeons. This is vitally important for future patients like yourself because the outcome of your ear pinning &earlobe reconstruction is largely dependent upon the skill and experience of the surgeon performing the operation. Our surgeons have performed literally hundreds of ear pinning and earlobes construction procedures with successful beautiful and healthy results. If you want to learn more about how the ear pinning and earlobe reconstruction surgery is done, click on “View procedures and treatments” located below and to the right of this video. Also, scroll down this page to review a gallery of our satisfied ear pinning and earlobe construction patients. The results speak for themselves. Be sure to visit our before and after pictures. If you have any questions about an ear pinning an earlobe reconstruction procedure from Face + Body Cosmetic Surgery don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Making the Decision for Otoplasty

If you are considering hаvіng an Ear ріnnіng аnd thе Earlobe Reconstruction, аlѕо knоwn аѕ Otoplasty, Face of Beverly Hills оur ореrаtіоnѕ аrе dоnе еxсluѕіvеlу in a great еnvіrоnmеnt by qualified аnd еxреrіеnсеd іnduѕtrу-lеаdіng board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. McCoy Moretz. Thіѕ іѕ vitally іmроrtаnt fоr futurе раtіеntѕ lіkе you because the outcome оf уоur еаr ріnnіng & еаrlоbе reconstruction іѕ largely dependent uроn thе ѕkіll and еxреrіеnсе оf thе surgeon performing thе ореrаtіоn. Our surgeons have реrfоrmеd lіtеrаllу hundrеdѕ of еаr ріnnіng and еаrlоbе rесоnѕtruсtіоn рrосеdurеѕ wіth ѕuссеѕѕful bеаutіful аnd hеаlthу results. If уоu wаnt tо learn mоrе about how thе еаr pinning and еаrlоbе rесоnѕtruсtіоn ѕurgеrу is dоnе, contact our office. Alѕо ѕсrоll dоwn thіѕ page tо rеvіеw a gаllеrу оf оur ѕаtіѕfіеd ear pinning and еаrlоbе rесоnѕtruсtіоn patients. The rеѕultѕ ѕреаk for thеmѕеlvеѕ. Bе sure to vіѕіt thе plastic ѕurgеrу 3dаnіmаtіоn vіdео lіbrаrу, whісh wіll hеlр tо guide you through a vаrіеtу of surgical рrосеdurеѕ performed by оurbоаrd-сеrtіfіеd surgeons. If уоu have аnу quеѕtіоnѕ аbоut аn еаr ріnnіng an earlobe reconstruction procedure frоm Fасе + Body Cоѕmеtіс Surgеrу don’t hesitate tо contact uѕ today.

Ear Surgery (Otорlаѕtу) - Real Patient Before & After Photos

FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after

Dracula Therapy

wrinkle removal services at FACE of Beverly Hills

A unique non-surgical age reversing treatment for wrinkled skin using your own blood is now available. Dr Moretz’s popular blood therapy is called Dracula Therapy (PRP). It works by stimulating Collagen and Elastin production as well as cell migration to the skin to create naturally younger, fresher, and healthier looking skin.  This process of Autologous Cell Regeneration (ACR) is unique to the power of our own blood’s platelets. A proprietary system for concentrated platelet separation is used to make Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) from one’s own blood taken as a small blood sample.

The PRP is then injected into the skin just like Botox and Juvederm. The numerous Healing Factors locked within these Platelets are released and a cascade of events for skin rejuvenation begins. First, a 3-Dimensional Matrix of Fibrin is created and then the growth and healing factors are released attracting healing cells from the body. Finally, the cells grow and differentiate creating a new Dermis to support the skin. This does not add volume but subtly and naturally smoothes away numerous lines and wrinkles over the next weeks with results that can last for years with proper skin maintenance.

The Dracula Light-Lift is for those wanting to perform the Dracula Therapy with a nonsurgical facelift. Dr Moretz harnesses the power of the Sun using Fraxel and SmartLook Lasers and one’s own fat or Hyaluronic fillers. This volume is added to the face as well as the skin is stimulated to grow even more Collagen and Elastin with skin tightening and lifting results.

Advantages of Dracula Therapy are:

  • PRP is all natural with no risk of allergic reaction
  • Dermal Collagen/Elastin are regenerating for 2-3 months after the treatment in both women and men. Faster healing from other treatments such as Lasers performed at the same time with less bruising and swelling.
  • Faster healing from other treatments such as Lasers performed at the same time with less bruising and swellingSimple in office preparation from one’s one blood making it ideal for those who don?t want artificial fillers or muscle toxins.

Simple in-office preparation from one’s own blood making it ideal for those who don’t want artificial fillers or muscle toxins.

As a super-specialist in Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Moretz individually customizes all treatment plans to be tailored to each person’s desires and needs. Each facet of the treatment plan can be performed individually or combined to create a program for the defiance of the aging process. Dr Moretz combines the time-tested herbal therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Dr Mac’s Mask, with Western science to be as naturally holistic as possible.

Fillers (Botox)

botox injection services at FACE of Beverly Hills

Laughter, sadness, anger and surprise? Your face shows all of your emotions to the world. And a lifetime of emotions means your facial muscles have been put to the test, leading to wrinkles, crow’s feet, and laugh lines.

All these signs of emotion can leave you looking older than your years. However, thanks to today’s technology, we can significantly reduce their appearance on your face. With BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment, you will be able to see a visible improvement to the facial wrinkles and you’ll have smoother skin for up to four months.

We administer small injections directly into the area you’d like to improve. If you’re concerned about pain, or have sensitive facial areas, we’ll be happy to apply an ice pack or anesthetic cream to the area we’ll be working on.

The purified protein from the injection goes to work immediately on the facial muscles that are causing wrinkles. You will begin to notice visible improvements over the next month.

BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments can improve:

  • Worry lines in forehead
  • Lines between the eyebrows
  • Smile lines
  • Laugh lines, from nose to mouth
  • Crow’s feet

Botox injections are used to weaken the fine muscles around the eyes and forehead that are responsible for the frown lines and deep wrinkles that occur in these areas. By selectively weakening the proper muscles, the surgeon can eliminate the wrinkles without disturbing normal function. Treatment consists of a number of tiny injections made through a very fine needle directly into the muscle. Effects of the injections begin to appear within a few days. The results generally last around four to six months, after which time, the injections must be repeated. Approximately 5% of the population will see no results from Botox due to a natural resistance. No predetermining factor is identifiable. Occasionally one may develop antibiotics to the Botox molecule. This reduces the effectiveness and shortens the duration of action of Botox requiring more frequent doses to achieve the previously obtained result. Rarely serious severe reactions can occur that may require urgent medical treatment. An informed consent is necessary to have Botox injections and a medical history is obtained. Injections should be performed using sterile technique. Generally a topical numbing cream is placed on the skin prior to performing the tiny injections. Bruising and swelling can occur. Ice may be applied for several hours after injections. One is to remain upright for at least 3 hours after the injections. Strenuous exercise should be avoided after Botox injections until the next day.

We welcome you to come in and talk about Botox. Cosmetic treatment may be right for you and we’ll be glad to answer any and all of your questions. Check out our Botox Beverly Hills prices by calling us at 310-385-9019 today. We will offer you the best botox treatment Beverly Hills options.

Lipo Transfers & Fillers

filler services at FACE of Beverly Hills

The use of injectable facial fillers is one of the fastest growing areas in the field of cosmetic surgery. Many advances in have been made in the last 5 years that have led to safer, more predictable and longer lasting fillers.

As one ages, the face loses volume. This creates more prominent wrinkles and skin folds while features become less distinct. Dynamic wrinkles caused by facial movement such as smiling and frowning appear. Injectables were designed to subtly reduce these signs of aging.

Injectables include two basic classes: Fillers, to restore lost volume, and Botulinum toxin injections, to lessen the appearance of wrinkles with smiling, frowning, concentrating and looking surprised. Most fillers work by filling the lip or wrinkle with volume and are gradually digested by the body. While botulinum toxin injections work by weaken the underlying muscles to decrease their overlying dynamic movement.

FDA approved Injectable fillers include Hyaluronic Acid Fillers, Fillers with microscopic beads and Poly Lactic Acid.

For those wishing to avoid the injection of any foreign material, Lipotransfer, the harvesting and reinjection of your own fat, may be an option.


This is the use of your own fat taken from one area and reinjected into facial lines and wrinkles after preparation. This organic natural filler has the longest lasting result due to the partial permanent ingrowth of a percentage of the fat cells at the injection site. There is new research currently being performed on the role of ADASC in these long-lasting results. They are present in high concentrations in abdominal adipose tissue routinely used in LipoTransfer. The effect these ADASC have on new vascular growth and therefore oxygen support of the fat cell is what is felt to provide such longevity to the natural results.

The adipose tissue is harvested by tumnescent anesthesia liposuction. The fat is processed in the surgery suite and then immediately injected. Often only mild oral sedatives and local anesthesia injections are needed. The recovery is rapid with return to normal daily activity the next day except for strenuous exercise or heavy lifting. Ice compresses aid in the prevention of bruising which is generally no more than for artificial filler injections. Discomfort usually requires nothing more than Tylenol.

Injectable Fillers 

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers: These were the first of the new fillers to be FDA approved. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring carbohydrate which occurs in skin. It is a clear gel with a thick consistency. Since skin testing is not required, injections may be done on the same day as the initial consultation. Manufacturers have manipulated particle size (thickness) and crosslinked molecules to offer both normal and longer duration products.

Restylane and Juvederm are examples of normal duration products that are injected in more superficial lines and have easier flow characteristics. Perlane and Juvederm Ultra Plus are examples of longer duration products are usually injected into deeper lines and folds.

The newest advance has been the addition of local anesthetic, Lidocaine, to the filler to reduce discomfort upon injection. Hydrilla is an example of this advance. By combining a local anesthetic with the filler, the injection process is more comfortable for the patient, although most surgeons use local anesthetic injection routinely before filler administration.

Fillers With Microscopic Beads: This class includes Radiesse. Radiesse contains calcium-based microspheres suspended in a water-based gel. Since skin testing is not required treatment may be received on the same day as consultation. The advantage is its longer duration of effect since the body reabsorbs the microspheres at a slow rate.

Poly Lactic Acid Fillers: Sculptra is a substance known as L-Poly Lactic Acid which is similar to the material used to make a type of suture that is used to close lacerations. This material does not require allergy testing. Following injection, the body produces new collagen in the area injected. The reaction is not immediate but increases over the next 3-4 weeks after injection.


Who is a Candidate?

Facial fillers are administered over a wide age range.

Younger patients seeking fuller, plumper lips.

Older patients seeking wrinkle reduction and fuller lips.

Men who wish reduction of folds around the mouth to look younger. 

Intended Results

Fuller and plumper lips.

Softening of superficial and deep wrinkles.

Softening of wrinkles that appear during facial movement (smiling, frowning, concentrating, and looking surprised). 

Procedure Description

This procedure is usually performed in the office.

A topical anesthetic cream and local anesthetic injections are administered prior to injecting fillers.

Ice may be applied before and after injection.

Immediate swelling may create the appearance of over treatment – this swelling generally resolves in several hours. 

Recuperation and Healing

For most patients, fillers can be injected in the lips or wrinkles and they can return to work the next day.

Occasionally a patient swells dramatically, especially in the lips. A first time patient may want to schedule the initial injection on a Friday.

Bruising may occur but can usually be covered with makeup. It is a good idea not to schedule filler injection right before an important social function

Lipo Transfers & Fillers - Real Patient Before & After Photos

FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after

Restylane Kysse - Real Patient Before & After Photos

Lip plumping services by Dr. McCoy MoretzLip plumping services by Dr. McCoy Moretz

Mid Facelift

mid facelift services at FACE of Beverly Hills

What is a Midface Suspension Procedure?

Midface suspension, also referred to as a cheek or midface lift, corrects sagging midface tissues by surgically repositioning them up and to the side. This accomplishes several goals: volume enhancement of the midface region, elimination of hollows in the area, and a gentle smoothing of the tissues just below the eyes. A successful midface suspension can be a key step in achieving the youthful appearance sought after in facial rejuvenation.

Who is a Candidate for Midface Suspension?

Individuals with sagging cheek tissues, excess cheek skin, and/or hollow or flat cheeks are potential candidates for midface suspension surgery. The procedure can be performed alone or in combination with a forehead lift (if indicated) or a facelift, particularly if there is excess loose neck tissues. Midface suspension can also diminish a prominent nasolabial fold, which is the groove that runs from the outside base of the nose to the outside corner of the mouth. A simple test to get an indication of what the procedure might do for someone’s appearance is to place the fingertips in the middle of the cheek, to the side of the mouth, and gently push up and to the side.

How is a Midface Beverly Hills Suspension Performed?

During a conventional midface suspension procedure, the surgeon makes small incisions in the area above the ear, and in some cases through the mouth. A small endoscope and instruments are introduced through the incisions to lift the delicate midface tissues off the cheek bones. At least one loop of suture is then passed through the cheek tissue and secured to the soft tissues above the ear. In some cases, the suspension suture is introduced through the skin and secured without elevating cheek tissue off the bones. In all cases, the surgeon relies upon suture to fix and hold the suspended cheek in its new position.

Two new products, the Endotine Midface ST and Endotine Midface B offers surgeons an intuitive, predictable alternative for cheek suspension, enabling shortened operative times and improved aesthetic outcomes. Offering the flexibility of insertion through a variety of approaches, the Endotine Midface gradually dissolves after providing secure fixation during the healing period.

Mid Facelift - Real Patient Before & After Photos

FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after

Forehead Lift

forehead lift services at FACE of Beverly Hills

The effects of aging are inevitable, and, often, the brow and forehead area show the first signs. The skin begins to lose its elasticity. Sun, wind and the pull of gravity all affect the face, resulting in frown lines, wrinkling across the forehead, and an increasing heaviness of the eyebrows. Even people in their thirties may have faces that look older than their years. Your tired, angry, or sad expression may not reflect how you actually feel. As a result, many people have opted for a procedure known as the forehead lift. Based on variations in how men and women age and on new advances in medical technology, different methods are used to perform this procedure. Trust, based on realistic expectations and exacting medical expertise, develops in the consulting stages before surgery. Dr Moretz can answer specific questions about your specific needs.

Is a Forehead Lift for You?

As with all elective surgery, good health and realistic expectations are prerequisites. When a surgeon tightens loose skin and removes the excess, forehead wrinkling and drooping brows are modified. The procedure is called a forehead lift or brow lift. If necessary, the surgeon removes part of the muscle that causes vertical frown lines between the brows. The result can be a smoother brow and a more youthful expression. To see what a forehead lift can do for your face, put your hands above your brows and outside the edges of your eyes and gently raise the skin upwards. Forehead lifts are an option if you have a sagging brow or deep furrows between the eyes. This procedure is usually done between age forty and sixty-five, although it may be necessary at an earlier age.

Incisions can be placed at the hairline, behind the hairline, or in some cases, above the brow or in the mid-forehead. Dr Moretz can help you select the best technique suited to your particular situation.

Making the Decision for a Forehead Lift

During the consultation, Dr. Moretz will examine your facial structure, the condition of your skin, and your hairline in order to decide where incisions should be made. A thorough medical history will be obtained so that he can consider any medical conditions that may heighten surgical risks. A detailed description of the procedure will also include a discussion of risk involved.

After the decision to proceed with surgery is made, Dr Moretz will describe the technique indicated, the type of anesthesia, the surgical facility, any additional surgery, and the risks.

Understanding the Surgery

The main difference among the various options for forehead lifting consists of the placement of the incision.

The original technique is the coronal incision, which is made slightly behind the natural hairline. An alternative is the pre-trichial incision. This is similar to the coronal incision except that the mid-portion of the incision is made directly at the hairline. This incision generally heals favorably and has the advantage of lowering the hairline. The disadvantage could be noticeable scarring.

The newest approach is endoscopic surgery. Several small one-half-inch to one-inch incisions are placed just behind the hairline. It is less invasive and results in a smaller chance of temporary scalp numbness. The forehead is then held in place by absorbable implants called “Endotines” which maintain the desired elevated brow position during healing. These “Endotines” then completely absorb over 8-10 months leaving no permanent implanted material.

This procedure takes between one to two hours to perform. It is most commonly performed under IV sedation, twilight anesthesia.

What to Expect After the Surgery

You may experience a certain amount of swelling and bruising in the 10-day period following surgery. In some patients, this condition may include the cheek and eye area as well as the forehead. You will be advised to keep your head elevated in order to reduce swelling. Cold compresses may further reduce swelling. As the incisions heal, you may experience some numbness as well as itching, both of which will diminish with time. The sutures are usually removed within seven to 10 days following surgery. If bandages have been used, they are removed in one to three days. It is important to follow the advice of Dr Moretz on resuming normal activities. For most patients, the recovery time will not exceed two weeks, but patients may still be advised to avoid strenuous activities for longer periods. Any prolonged bruising can be camouflaged with standard make-up techniques.

Not infrequently, a brow lift is combined with Blepharoplasty (an eyelid tuck), SmartLook Skin Refreshing, or face lift to provide a harmonious rejuvenation.

Forehead Lift - Real Patient Before & After Photos

FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after

Cocktail Chemical Peel

Facial peel services by Dr. Mac Moretz

A chemical peel is a technique where a chemical solution is applied to the skin that causes it to exfoliate and eventually peel off. The regenerated skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin.

Chemicals Used

Cocktailed peels can contain a number of acids, including TCA (trichloroacetic acid), BHA, AHA, resorcinol and phenol, are combined with retinol, vitamin C, and other additives. They infuse the skin with healing compounds while simultaneously shedding dead skin.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is often used by Dr. Mac during chemical peels as a regenerative medicine. Because PRP is a solution made from your own blood, it is one of the most natural regenerative medicines that can be used during the procedure.

Maintaining Results

Following a chemical peel, it is important to avoid exposure to the sun and ultraviolet light for a minimum of 3 months following the procedure. Dr. Mac may recommend other steps to take in order to protect your skin following your procedure and make your results last as long as possible.

Cocktail Chemical Peel - Real Patient Before & After Photos

FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after
FACE of Beverly Hills before & afterFACE of Beverly Hills before & after

Microneedling with PRP

microneedling services by Dr. McCoy Moretz

Microneedling, also called collagen induction therapy, is a cosmetic procedure primarily used to minimize the signs of aging. During the procedure, the cosmetic surgeon uses a special tool with needles to prick the skin. This stimulates new collagen production in the skin and helps to reverse many signs of aging, such as wrinkles, age spots, scarring and more.


The procedure will typically start with cleansing the skin and the application of a topical anesthetic which will sit for 30 minutes before the microneedling itself begins.

The microneedling lasts about 30 minutes with Dr. Moretz (Dr. Mac) applying a professional-grade derma roller to the patient’s face and moving it in strategic motions to stimulate collagen production throughout the face. While the face is numbing, a syringe of blood is drawn from the arm and then put into a centrifuge which separates the PRP from the blood. The PRP is then applied to the treatment area.

Once the procedure is completed, Dr. Mac will apply a balm to the skin to help treat any irritation or redness caused by the microneedling.

Side Effects

The most common side effects are typically mild, such as temporary bruising and inflammation. Most of these side effects appear immediately following the procedure and clear up within 4-5 days. While your skin is healing, it is wise to avoid unnecessary sun exposure or using strong skin treatments.

As PRP is made using your own blood, the chance of infection or contamination is quite low. Scarring is another rare, but serious, potential complication. While reviewing your eligibility for treatment, Dr. Mac will talk to you about ways to minimize these risks before, during and in the days immediately following your procedure.

InMode FaceTite

Facetite services by Dr. McCoy Moretz

Noninvasive procedures are becoming increasingly popular as technology improves and patients demand better procedures with fewer side effects following completion. FaceTite and BodyTite, procedures considered relatively safe, effective and noninvasive, are two such examples that are beneficial for tightening the skin and eliminating fat.

At Face of Beverly Hills, FaceTite and BodyTite are available to our patients looking for a noninvasive approach to improving the appearance of their face and body. Dr. Moretz welcomes you to come into our offices and see if these procedures are right for you.

What is FaceTite?

FaceTite is similar to a surgical lift, but avoids the expected side effects such as surgical scarring. FaceTite accomplishes this by utilizing a non-aspirating cannula with a plastic tip capable of offering a 25mm depth of penetration. FaceTite works beneath the surface of the skin to tighten the dermis, resulting in a beautiful, expertly contoured appearance.

Benefits of FaceTite & BodyTite

FaceTite and BodyTite are nonsurgical approaches to correcting cosmetic issues in the face and body. By undergoing FaceTite and/or BodyTite, patients can achieve three-dimensional tissue remodeling through precise fat coagulation. This is all possible without leaving behind saggy, wrinkly skin. Instead, patients are left with long-lasting, beautiful skin and no scarring. Results are seen immediately or at least within a few days of the procedure, and the results can last for a long time with proper care. Dr. Moretz can consult with you on ways to take care of the treatment areas effectively so your results last as long as possible.

Side Effects & Downtime

Side effects from this procedure are typically minimal and the downtime is relatively short, especially compared to conventional liposuction and/or surgical lifts. Most patients are able to return to work after about 3 days.

It is still advised to avoid strenuous activity such as heavy lifting or workouts in the first week or two following the procedure. You may return to these activities after taking some time to rest, based of course on your personal comfort.

If you’re considering FaceTite and/or BodyTite to improve your appearance and your confidence, contact Dr. Moretz today!

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