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Should I Get A Facelift Revision in Beverly Hills?

Facelift revision in Beverly Hills

Should I Get A Facelift Revision in Beverly Hills?

Are You Looking for a Facelift Revision in Beverly Hills?

If you’re looking to get a facelift revision in Beverly Hills, we don’t blame you! Anyone who’s anyone knows that Beverly Hills is the place cosmetic surgery patients flock to for the best doctors and procedures. Some of the most skilled surgeons in the world take roots in the Los Angeles area. These esteemed doctors work closely with stars, celebrities, and clients looking for the best of the best.

Unfortunately, not everyone does their research. Not everyone takes the time or puts in the effort to vet their doctor and their clinic of choice. Most of the time, their procedure works out well… enough. Most of the time. However, not all patients make the wisest choices. Some jump at the opportunity to get a discount procedure from a newer physician with little to no experience. Others try to get themselves into whichever clinic has an appointment. And as you can imagine, things don’t always work out as hoped.

Consequently, patients who get a facelift from an unskilled surgeon may be unhappy with the results. Worse yet, they feel less confident or beautiful than they did before their elective procedure was performed. As a result, the necessity for skilled cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Mac Moretz becomes even more apparent when they’re called to clean up the messes of others.

What is a Facelift Revision?

In its simplest form, a facelift revision is exactly what it sounds like. A revision of your previous facelift. A redo or second go at it; usually performed by a different, more skilled cosmetic surgeon like Dr. McCoy Moretz.

In more complex terms, a facelift revision is a procedure in which a cosmetic surgeon will attempt to work to correct or add to the work performed during the initial facelift. However, there are special considerations that must be made by your Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon. The skin on the face may be thinner than normal due to stretching from your first procedure. Additionally, scar tissue and minor/major deformities will need to be approached with care and thoughtful planning.

Improving upon or correcting the work of a poor procedure requires a deal of skill, accuracy, and surgical experience. This is due to the fact that corrections must be made while working within the constraints of a former procedure’s resulting look. Asymmetrical features may need to be corrected using various techniques, fat may need to be removed or redistributed, and skin may need repair or removal to accomplish the desired results. Finally, swelling of the face may take longer to heal up due to the nature of the corrections or adjustments made during your facelift revision. These realities of surgical revisions must be taken into consideration and planned for by a skilled cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Moretz.

Why You Should Get Your Facelift Revision in Beverly Hills

getting yourself a facelift revision in Beverly Hills can involve two main motives. First, you had a previous facelift procedure performed and the time has simply arrived where revitalization is necessary. After all, the standard facelift can be expected to last up to 10 years. Bottom line, people continue to age; cosmetic procedure or not. In other words, many patients are completely happy with their first facelift but the time has come for a second. Simple as that!

The second, however, is a less desirable situation. According to the National Institute of Health, “the facelift remains the gold standard in facial rejuvenation, with a high satisfaction rate. However, excessive skin excision can produce unsatisfactory results and minor or major complications.” As we stated above, other less-skilled surgeons are prone to mistakes, or at best, sub-par work. Consequently, mistakes and misjudgments made by your previous surgeon may warrant a facelift revision to correct the damage. These may include scaring, facial distortions, skin pulled too tight, etc.

Do You Need A Facelift Revision?

A common complaint of patients seeking facelift revision in Beverly Hills is a deformity known as pixie ear. Pixie ear is caused when an inexperienced plastic surgeon tugs the patient’s ear lobes too far down along the side of the face. Additionally, they may droop further over time. As a result, the patient effectively loses his or her ear lobes. It’s a classic sign that someone has had a facelift and that it was planned or performed poorly by their cosmetic surgeon.

Furthermore, patients seeking a facelift revision in Beverly Hills may be looking to correct results they were not happy with. You may have scarring or asymmetries created by poor work or obsolete techniques.

Many people are concerned about getting a second facelift surgery. However, there is no need for concern in the hands of an expert surgeon like Dr. Mac Moretz. Facelift revision plastic surgeries can deliver that beautiful and youthful look you were searching for in the first place. Of course, they should be performed by an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Mac.

In most cases, the issues with previous facelifts can be modified and corrected to the patient’s liking. As a result, you’ll see that natural, youthful appearance you were looking to achieve in the first place. Frequently, this can be achieved in a single revisionary facelift procedure.

Why Choose Dr. Mac Moretz?

Dr. McCoy Lee Moretz, a renowned Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon, welcomes you to a new standard of professionalism and surgical skill in cosmetic surgery. If you’re looking to get a facelift revision in Beverly Hills, Dr. Mac Moretz has the skills and knowledge to correct the mistakes of lesser plastic surgeons.

Dr. Mac, the founder of F.A.C.E. of Beverly Hills, is one of LA’s leading plastic surgeons with more than 3 decades of experience. Dr. Moretz and his practice specialize in innovative & revolutionary facial cosmetic surgery procedures that blend western surgical techniques with traditional oriental and herbal medicines. Therefore, you receive the best of both worlds during your Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery treatments.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation or procedure with Dr. Moretz, please call 310-385-9019 or complete the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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