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Get Fuller Lips with Lip Fillers

lip filler services by Dr. McCoy Moretz

Get Fuller Lips with Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are growing in popularity as more and more individuals discover the aesthetic benefits of having fuller, plumper lips. In fact, the use of injectable facial fillers is one of the fastest growing areas in the field of cosmetic surgery. Due to this trend of growth in interest and research, many advancements have been made in the last five years. These advancements have led to safer and longer lasting fillers. At Face of Beverly Hills, Dr. McCoy Moretz (Dr. Mac) utilizes a number of different techniques to make natural, eye-catching lips possible. Procedures include the use of injectables and LipoTransfer.

Injectables Classes

Injectables include two basic classes: Fillers and Botulinum Toxin Injections (BOTOX). Fillers are used to restore lost volume. Botox is used to lessen the appearance of wrinkles with smiling, frowning and during other expressions. Fillers work by filling the lip with volume. Botox works by weakening the underlying muscles to remove things like wrinkles. Both classes can be used around the lips to maximize results.

Over time, fillers will gradually be digested by the body and the effects from Botox will wear off. For this reason, injectables will need to be redone to maintain the results.


Many eligible patients may prefer the benefits of LipoTransfer over the use of injectable fillers and Botox. Unlike the injectables, which rely on the injection of foreign material into the skin, LipoTransfer uses your own fat taken from a donor area on the body. Fat can even be pulled from a place you’re looking to lose some fat. This allows you to approach two areas at once. For this reason, LipoTransfer may work well with one or more other procedures performed at the same time as approved by Dr. Moretz.

Because LipoTransfer relies on an organic, natural filler from the same body where it is transplanted, the results are the longest lasting when compared to the results from injectables.

Age Requirements

Facial fillers are administered over a wide age range. Patients seeking fuller, plumper lips are typically younger. Older patients may have interest in the wrinkle-eliminating power of some injectable options.

Are the Results Permanent?

Results are not permanent and lip filler procedures will eventually have to be redone to maintain results. As mentioned previously, procedures like LipoTransfer tend to last longer than regular fillers if you are eligible. Dr. Mac can walk you through some simple ways to maintain your results as long as possible for whichever procedure you choose.

Do Other Procedures Compliment Lip Fillers?

In the case of LipoTransfer, fat can be removed from a place where it is not needed and transplanted to the lips. This allows you to potentially approach two areas of focus with one procedure.

There are also many other facial procedures that can be combined with lip fillers for a total transformation that restores the youth and natural beauty of the face. Feel free to visit the previous link to review multiple procedures that can be combined with lip fillers, including the MAC Couture Lift, Rhinoplasty and Dracula Therapy.

For more specific questions about eligibility and other considerations, contact Dr. Moretz today!

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