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Hair Restoration with Regenerative Medicine

Hair Restoration with Regenerative Medicine

While FUE and FUT hair transplants continue to be the most well-known approaches to hair restoration, many patients are turning to regenerative medicine for a noninvasive and nonsurgical approach that may be just as effective for qualified candidates. By taking advantage of the benefits of noninvasive or minimally invasive approaches, patients can combat their hair loss symptoms with treatments that involve zero downtime, minimal if any discomfort, and virtually no side effects when performed by a professional doctor.

Hair restoration through regenerative medicine is performed by Dr. McCoy Moretz at our Beverly Hills facial plastic and cosmetic surgery practice. We offer umbilical cord allograft treatments combined with PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, in order to treat the symptoms of hair loss. By combining the regenerative properties of umbilical cord allograft therapy with the growth factors present in PRP, we can treat hair loss in unique new ways that many patients are praising their results from.

Benefits of Regenerative Therapy for Hair Loss

There are many benefits in choosing regenerative medicine for hair restoration over a conventional hair transplant. Here are just a few of the primary benefits:

  • No Downtime – Most patients leave our office and go about the rest of their day with no downtime. No recovery period is necessary.
  • Minimal Discomfort – The procedure is performed with umbilical cord allograft and PRP injections made directly to the scalp. No surgery.
  • Fast Procedure – Most procedures are performed in their entirety in an hour or less. A typical hair transplant procedure may take a full day or even two days to perform.
  • Comparable Results for Qualified Patients – Initial results may appear within 3-6 months with final results after one year.

Another benefit of regenerative therapy for hair restoration is that it may be the only option available for some candidates. Patients who have already underwent prior FUT or FUE hair transplant procedures may no longer be able to perform these invasive procedures and may need to seek an alternative option for treating hair loss.

For example, FUT procedures require the tightening of the scalp. After a certain number of procedures, you may not perform subsequent FUT procedures successfully as the scalp loses elasticity. Similarly, after a certain number of FUE procedures you may no longer have the donor hair to perform subsequent surgeries.

Since hair restoration with umbilical cord allograft and/or PRP therapy aims to regenerate hair rather than transplant it, prior FUT or FUE procedures will typically not disqualify you as a candidate for the procedure.


Some patients may not be qualified for treating hair loss with regenerative medicine. Some simple disqualifiers include a recent history of cancer or certain types of alopecia or other hair loss issues that may prevent regenerative medicine from working for hair restoration.

Side Effects

Under ordinary circumstances from a correctly performed procedure, side effects following regenerative therapy for hair restoration are minimal to virtually nonexistent.


Every patient responds to regenerative medicine differently. While there are no guarantees regarding the outcome of your treatment, your doctor can advise you on the right expectations to have following your procedure. We only accept qualified candidates with a high probability of success and realistic expectations regarding their treatment. 

To find out if you’re a qualified candidate for hair restoration with regenerative medicine, contact us today!

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