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IV Hydration Treatment Options

IV Hydration Treatment Options

In October, Face of Beverly Hills released an article entitled, “The Benefits of IV Hydration Therapy.” We covered a lot of ground, including the many applications and potential benefits of procedures involving IV hydration.

In this piece, we go into greater detail on the specific treatment options and their range of potential benefits. Read on to learn about our treatment options and the appropriate names we’ve given them!

Immune Boost

‘Immune Boost’ is our IV drip that is all about bolstering your immune system. Your immune system optimization is possible with hydration, Vitamin C, Glutathione, Vitamin B, and other vitamins and minerals. This IV therapy is often used as an immune system booster and may help in relieving the symptoms of various autoimmune conditions.

‘Immune Boost’ is the preferred choice for immune system boosting in Beverly Hills. Treatment starts at $200.

Recovery Room

The ‘Recovery Room’ IV drip has got you covered for a wide range of potential illnesses. Have you been struck down by the common cold, or something more serious like mono or food poisoning? ‘Recovery Room’ may be just the answer you need to recover quickly!

‘Recovery Room’ is the preferred choice for illness recovery in Beverly Hills. Treatment starts at $175.

Lipo Blast

Looking to maximize your fat burning potential? ‘Lipo Blast’ is meant to jumpstart your metabolism with the goal of burning calories faster and losing weight. Whether you are dieting, plateaued or simply on a weight management program, ‘Lipo Blast’ may be the IV therapy that is right for you. ‘Lipo Blast’ utilizes hydration, Amino Acids, Vitamin B12, Glutathione and more.

‘Lipo Blast’ is the preferred choice for increasing metabolism and weight loss in Beverly Hills. Treatment starts at $150.

Ingredient Add-Ons

Ingredient add-ons for the above referenced procedures include:

  • Zofran (treating nausea)
  • Toradol (anti-inflammatory)
  • Pepcid (acid reflux treatment)
  • Oxygen (circulation)

Add-on supplements available at an additional cost. For pricing questions, contact Dr. McCoy Moretz today!

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