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Regenerative Medicine for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

erectile dysfunction services by Dr. McCoy Moretz

Regenerative Medicine for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile dysfunction, or impotence, is one of the most challenging complications for men to deal with. Difficulty maintaining an erection is a physical condition with a far stronger psychological impact. It can lead to a breakdown in confidence and even result in relationship problems. Sometimes medications don’t go far enough to treat the condition and an alternative remedy is preferred.

Regenerative therapy for erectile dysfunction (ED) may be an effective approach for treating the symptoms of impotence for qualified candidates. Regenerative medicine has been used for treating ED in our Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery practice. Many patients treated for erectile dysfunction with regenerative medicine report restoration of function and results that last. Read on for more information about regenerative medicine for ED in Beverly Hills.

About Regenerative Therapy & ED

Regenerative therapy for ED in the past has primarily involved the use of adipose (or fat) derived cells injected in the erectile tissue of the penis. This article in Medical News Today discusses this approach and the incredible results patients in trials experienced.

Today, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments may be used with comparable or improved results. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) may also be recommended for its growth factors. You can learn more about regenerative medicine in our Beverly Hills office using this handy FAQ.

Similar to the approach detailed in Medical News Today, regenerative medicine is administered through injection in the erectile tissue of the penis. Follow up platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments may be recommended for some cases.

The potential benefits of regenerative therapies like PRP are believed to be the reason behind the results reported in Medical News Today and other trials. What makes this therapy particularly exciting is the possibility of tissue regeneration. This goes beyond medication which simply masks the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. While treating the symptoms of ED is the goal, regenerative medicine may also result in vascular recovery and the regeneration of nerves and other tissues. Many of these tissues are involved in maintaining an erection.

Many patients report an improvement from the treatment. In one regenerative medicine trial for ED, as described in Medical News Today, all 21 out of 21 men experienced improvement in erectile function 6 months following treatment.

Only a doctor can help you decide if regenerative medicine for ED is right for you. For a confidential consultation, contact Dr. Moretz today!

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