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Regenerative Therapy for Pain Management

Regenerative Therapy for Pain Management

We live in a society that is unfortunately inhibited by chronic pain issues. Arthritis, tendonitis, joint pain and more wreak havoc on our bodies and most conventional treatment options have hardly improved in terms of patient satisfaction. Many treatment options, particularly those involving strong pain medications or steroids, lose effectiveness over time and are often highly addictive. Patients continue to ask for better treatment options and most practitioners of conventional Western Medicine remain silent to their cries.

However, regenerative therapies are answering the call with treatments utilizing umbilical cord allograft and platelet-rich plasma, or PRP. These innovative regenerative medicine procedures aim to treat the source of the problem in unique ways that may work alongside conventional treatments or even exponentially improve the treatment of symptoms. At our Beverly Hills regenerative medicine clinic, Dr. McCoy Moretz welcomes you to a new approach to a variety of pain management issues.

Regenerative Options for Pain

Regenerative therapies may be used to treat a variety of pain issues, including:

  • Pain originating in the hip, knee, shoulder, elbow, back and disc(s)
  • Arthritis (& osteoarthritis)
  • Tendonitis
  • Bursitis
  • Labral Tears
  • Referred or radiated pain (pain felt in one area but originating in another)

To find out if your pain issue may be treated with regenerative medicine, contact Dr. McCoy Moretz today!


Unlike steroids or strong pain medications that lose effectiveness over time and may be highly addictive, regenerative medicine for pain management is consider noninvasive with results that may even rival the benefits of surgery for qualified candidates. While regenerative therapies such as umbilical cord allograft and PRP are meant to treat the symptoms of joint pain and other issues, they may go further in actually addressing the root of the problem. In the case of lost or damaged cartilage, nerves or tissues, regenerative therapies have shown promise in medical trials of regenerating lost tissue to actually treat the source of the pain.

Unlike invasive surgeries or other procedures involving a recovery period, there is no downtime for regenerative therapies used for pain management.


Some patients may not be qualified for treating pain with regenerative medicine. Some simple disqualifiers include a recent history of cancer or certain types of preexisting conditions that may limit or prevent regenerative medicine from being effective for this application.

Side Effects

Under ordinary circumstances from a correctly performed procedure, side effects following regenerative therapy for pain management are minimal to virtually nonexistent.


Every patient responds to regenerative medicine differently. While there are no guarantees regarding the outcome of your treatment, your doctor can advise you on the right expectations to have following your procedure. We only accept qualified candidates with a high probability of success and realistic expectations regarding their treatment. 

To find out if you’re a qualified candidate for pain management with regenerative medicine, contact us today!

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