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Submental Lipectomy in Beverly Hills

submental lipectomy services by Dr. McCoy Moretz

Submental Lipectomy in Beverly Hills

Submental lipectomy is a procedure used to treat loose skin and thick banding of the platysma muscle in the area from the bottom of the chin to the base of the neck. A submental lipectomy may include platysma plication, which is used to lift the platysma muscle up and greatly reduces sagging. Platysma plication is often necessary to include with a submental lipectomy to significantly improve the appearance of the neck and jawline.

In this article, we discuss the process of performing a submental lipectomy procedure and share the results from happy patient Sarah Ford. Read on for more information on her incredible results!

Submental Lipectomy Eligibility

Frequently, submental lipectomy is used to correct sagging skin in the neck area for older patients. However, many of our patients treated for this condition are in their 20s or early 30s. This is because the sagging skin or hanging of the platysma muscle is not always related to aging. Sagging skin can also be a hereditary condition.

For some patients, a nonsurgical PDO thread lift may be adequate to treat this condition. However, the results are not permanent. Some patients undergoing a PDO thread lift will need a follow-up appointment after 6 months. However, with proper care results can last up to three years. Submental lipectomy with platysma plication is recommended for moderate to severe cases.

Contact us to book a consultation with Dr. Moretz. Doctor Mac can help you decide if a submental lipectomy is right for you.

The Process

The exact procedure may vary depending on your specific needs. Frequently, it involves the removal of localized fat deposits under the chin. This helps to conceal the point of entry and gives the doctor access to the platysma muscle. The platysma muscle is tightened in order to better define the neckline. In some cases, fat deep to the platysma muscle may be removed. Deeper muscles, such as the anterior belly of the digastric muscle, also may be weakened for the purpose of tightening the neckline. Finally, in more extreme cases, a chin implant may be needed. That decision is best left to you and your doctor.

To see the results of Sarah Ford’s submental lipectomy in our Beverly Hills office, watch the video below!

Neck Lift Submental Lipectomy in Beverly Hills


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