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Wellness Recipes for Coronavirus Prevention

Wellness Recipes for Coronavirus Prevention

During these unusual and challenging times, wellness is of paramount importance. Dr. McCoy Moretz and the team at F.A.C.E. of Beverly Hills wish you and your loved ones good health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. We remind everyone to wash your hands frequently and thoroughly, maintain social distance guidelines, and to never leave your house for essential activities without your mask and gloves.

Dr. Moretz would like to share these helpful recipes that may aid in the prevention of COVID-19 infection while maintaining a strong, healthy immune system. These recipes are safe, containing only simple ingredients, and may be used alongside other treatments or preventative measures performed under recommendation of a doctor.

These recipes are not intended to be viewed as “cures” nor as alternatives to seeking a doctor immediately if you suspect coronavirus infection. They simply may support an immune system better protected from the virus should you need to leave the house for essential activities only. If you suspect coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, contact a medical professional immediately or call 911.

Chinese Herbal Remedies

This recipe originally comes from a Swiss poet. Her father-in-law is a famous Chinese medicine practitioner in Beijing and her husband is a Western medicine doctor.

COVID-19 has turned into a serious pandemic that has taken thousands of lives and is spreading rapidly in the United States. Please be careful and take precautions as advised by the World Health Organization (WHO).

This recipe is an old formula which has shown some promise in the prevention and treatment of colds and fevers. When the coronavirus epidemic was reaching its peak in Beijing, many residents reportedly found success preventing viral infection while taking this formula:

  • Brown Sugar
  • Ginger
  • Green Onions
  • Garlic

Add ingredients to water and boil to drink, such as in a tea. Drink daily during the pandemic while following all recommended stay-at-home orders, leaving only for essential activities, and follow safety guidelines such as social distancing, washing hands, and wearing a mask and gloves out in public. If you suspect coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, contact a medical professional immediately or call 911.

This next recipe originally accompanied the testimonial of an individual who used this treatment in February while sick in Wuhan around the peak of coronavirus infection in the region.

Take eight garlic bulbs, cut them into pieces, and boil them in about seven cups of water. Two minutes after boiling and letting cool to safely drink, drink a cup or two of the garlic water like a tea. Consume daily.

Garlic water has shown evidence of potentially relieving symptoms of coronavirus or other conditions. Garlic water may also support a healthy immune system as a preventative measure during the performance of essential activities where one may come into contact with the virus.

As with all alternative remedies, remember to use them only as a supplement to other suggested treatments and medications as recommended by your primary care doctor. No alternative treatments preclude adherence to best practices in avoiding coronavirus exposure. If you suspect coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, contact a medical professional immediately or call 911.

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F.A.C.E. of Beverly Hills appreciates your trust as a renowned Beverly Hills Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Practice during these unique and challenging times. We are continuing to serve you virtually during city-mandated office closures for coronavirus prevention and look forward to returning to normal business once this crisis is over.

As per Beverly Hills’ citywide ordinance, F.A.C.E. of Beverly Hills, the office of McCoy Moretz MD, will be temporarily closed until further notice. However, our staff is working remotely to continue assisting you and staying connected during this mandatory office closure.

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We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this difficult time. We look forward to returning to work and welcoming you back to our office in the near future!

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